1. Identify Clients Needs: The process starts with identifying our clients individual needs and expectations.

  2. Budget: We then establish a budget for what they are willing to invest in procuring their desired type of horse

  3. Pedigree Research: The selection process starts as soon as the sales catalogue is published and begins with an in depth analysis of each horses pedigree. Each horse that fits the clients needs on paper will be added to a shortlist for viewing at the sales complex.

  4. At The Sale: The next step is to assess the horses behaviour, the way they carry themselves, how they move through their walk and their muscular and skeletal conformation. 

  5. Vetting: All horses that possess the pedigree and the physical we think contributes to elite performance will be vetted, to minimise risk of purchasing a horse with a higher risk of injury.  

  6. Purchasing: Following a final consultation with our clients, we will then proceed to attempt to purchase the horses we think will best suit our clients needs.

Should you wish to discuss our services or would like us to represent you at any of this years Public Auctions please get in touch. 

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